Small Steps to Bigger Love

Debby Gullery offers a message with an intriguing question, “Can marriage make you Holy?” We have to admit that there is a realm of love that we don’t encounter until married, so marriage offers something not experienced in other relationships.

How to Make the Ideal Real

Everyone hopes for true and lasting love, but how many marriages end in divorce? Even couples that stay together may go through times of struggle in their relationship. Through her book, Debby shares methods for couples to work through the hard times, and even improve the good times.

It’s easy to get lazy and before you know it, you are reduced to thinking, “If only my partner would change this habit or that habit, then I would be happier!” Down this well trodden path that leads nowhere, you are forced to encounter the stubborn truth that all relationship work is inner work. In other words, it has to start with “me”!

Debby’s honesty and humor make it easy to lean in and decide “yep, I could improve!” Read her book and see how a little investment in your relationship can lead to a happier marriage.

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