Including God

Bringing God into your relationship is essential. Of course, there are many ways to form a family, so why does it matter if you include God in your relationship as husband and wife? That is a good question.

Many people leave God out of the equation, or invite him in, as an
add-on. This arrangement may seem to work in the moment, but it
does not function well in the long run. Our love will only be fully
realized when it is eternal, absolute and unchanging. And that means
that God has to be in the center.

Perhaps you have been in a relationship where one party is always the center; their needs come first; their desires always seem to win
the day. That never feels good! In contrast, when the center of the
marriage is God and God’s ideal for love rather than either individual, there is greater possibility for love to flow.

Take for example a common scenario where one spouse comes
back from work exhausted. He or she enters the home with the
expectation of being taken care of, having worked hard all day. Not
an unreasonable desire in and of itself.

But when that doesn’t happen because the other spouse is equally
exhausted, both parties are suddenly at odds, waiting for the other
to give first. When the giving slows to a trickle, both withdraw into resentful silence. We’ve all been there!

Our own perspective and ability to give unconditionally is limited.
This is why we need God in our most important relationship.