Has Your Marriage Evolved?

Marriage and family therapist, Liza Shaw, makes a good point. Is our concept of marriage outdated? Are our expectations for long term relationships relevant to the era we currently live in? Although these questions have been asked before, Liza has a more provocative answer than simply throwing marriage out the window.

A New Model for Relationships

How many role models do we have today of people who are in a long term thriving relationship? Not many. Why is that? We all go into marriage expecting to love our beloved forever, and then somewhere down the road things get a bit difficult. Could it be that our expectations were out of alignment with reality? Could a shift in perspective improve the longevity of marriages?

Liza looks at old paradigms of marriage expectations and puts a new twist on them. She shifts us from a “me” centered expectation of receiving love from our partner to an empowered understanding of how we contribute to love. Watch the 18 minute video, maybe even watch it two or three times. Then consider how a shift in perspective can improve your relationship.