Defining Love

Our highest ideals originate in God; the author of love. It is interesting that the love that we all long for, regardless of our cultural background or up-bringing, reflects God’s nature and heart, which is unchanging, absolute, eternal and unique.

Our greatest desire is for love that is:
• Unchanging – Every human being longs to find a love that lasts
forever. We want a relationship that offers unconditional love – a
love that doesn’t change with the seasons or dry up when it meets
difficulty. Love as God intended was created to last by developing
an unchanging commitment.
• Absolute – Each one of us seeks to love and be loved with our
whole heart, mind, spirit and body. There is no holding back in the
love that God intended. We long to find the one to whom we can
promise fidelity, and be honored in return. True love involves a
physical, emotional and spiritual commitment to one another.

• Eternal – Traditional marriage binds two people together, “until
death do us part.” It doesn’t make sense that the love between a
man and a woman ceases because of death. Once you taste love,
you have no desire for it to end. If we are created as spiritual beings
to live for eternity, then shouldn’t our love have the capacity to last
forever as well?
• Unique – Why do people marry? It is because we unconsciously
long to experience the fullness of real love and reflect God’s heart
of love, which incorporates both masculine and feminine qualities.
A man or woman individually has the potential to reflect one of
these aspects of divinity, either masculinity or femininity, in their
own unique way. As we grow through the teen years and into our
twenties, we are irresistibly drawn to a complementary partner
because when we come together as one, our unique self, bonds
with the other’s unique self, and together we can experience the
fullness of God’s image and love. A marriage between a man and
a woman is the unique and irreplaceable starting point for the
limitless expression of God’s ideal of love. Every couple is unique
and infinitely valuable. Your couple matters to God!