The Breakdown

If everyone wants a love that is unchanging, absolute eternal and
unique, then why is it so difficult to achieve? If you think about it, the root of individual and societal problems always boils down to the confusion and breakdown of love within the family. It’s an “always been there” problem, which is why it is so difficult to resolve. The story of Adam and Eve tells us that our first parents lost their original nature and became wounded through selfish and misdirected love. Knowing this, we can start to connect the dots and better understand our inheritance and situation.

The vast array of social, economic and political problems that plague humanity can be traced back to the contradiction inherent within the human psyche and spirit. Our original nature has no contradiction, but we are burdened by a nature that is not original; a nature that creates mind-body disunity and pulls us away from spiritual and emotional health.

To compensate, we seek love from this wounded place in whatever way we can get it, even when we know deep down that what we are
doing is unhealthy and even damaging. With our highest ideals,
we seek to be loving and giving, but we cannot control the self destructive part of ourselves that undermines our intentions and

Trying to make love work without being connected to the origin
of love, God, is like trying to turn on a light bulb without plugging it into the socket. If we want to discover the power to build a love that is unchanging, absolute, eternal and unique, we need a vertical connection to God, the source of true love. Seeking that vertical connection and healing the human soul or psyche has been the quest of all world religions, great thinkers and social innovators. Since we only have one life-time, it is urgent that we find the solution now.