Is Real Love Possible?

Everyone wants true and lasting love but it often seems hard for commitment and contentment to work together.

A Fresh Perspective on Love

More Than Marriage is a book that clarifies what love is, why love often goes wrong, and the real and lasting value of a marriage that places God at the center.

Deep in our hearts we want love to last. The wedding ceremony and celebration is all about a lasting bond, a commitment, and a growing relationship. But too often, couples fall “out of love” and suffer through the heartbreak of their broken dreams. With insights from culture, history and psychology, More Than Marriage walks us through the historical plight of broken love and offers a path for the restoration of love as God intended.

The book offers a beginning point from which to build a deeper love. Love that is grounded in understanding who we are and how love grows. It opens the door to understanding the significance of the Holy Marriage Blessing, and the value of creating a family rooted in God’s love.

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Defining Love
The Breakdown
Including God

Our highest ideals originate in God; the author of love. It is interesting that the love that we all long for, regardless of our cultural background or up-bringing, reflects God’s nature and heart, which is unchanging, absolute, eternal and unique.

Our greatest desire is for love that is:
• Unchanging – Every human being longs to find a love that lasts
forever. We want a relationship that offers unconditional love – a
love that doesn’t change with the seasons or dry up when it meets
difficulty. Love as God intended was created to last by developing
an unchanging commitment.
• Absolute – Each one of us seeks to love and be loved with our
whole heart, mind, spirit and body. There is no holding back in the
love that God intended. We long to find the one to whom we can
promise fidelity, and be honored in return. True love involves a
physical, emotional and spiritual commitment to one another.

• Eternal – Traditional marriage binds two people together, “until
death do us part.” It doesn’t make sense that the love between a
man and a woman ceases because of death. Once you taste love,
you have no desire for it to end. If we are created as spiritual beings
to live for eternity, then shouldn’t our love have the capacity to last
forever as well?
• Unique – Why do people marry? It is because we unconsciously
long to experience the fullness of real love and reflect God’s heart
of love, which incorporates both masculine and feminine qualities.
A man or woman individually has the potential to reflect one of
these aspects of divinity, either masculinity or femininity, in their
own unique way. As we grow through the teen years and into our
twenties, we are irresistibly drawn to a complementary partner
because when we come together as one, our unique self, bonds
with the other’s unique self, and together we can experience the
fullness of God’s image and love. A marriage between a man and
a woman is the unique and irreplaceable starting point for the
limitless expression of God’s ideal of love. Every couple is unique
and infinitely valuable. Your couple matters to God!

About the Author

Heather Thalheimer

Heather Thalheimer

Heather has taken on many roles over the years. Originally from England, she was educated as a nurse. After immigrating to the US, she worked as a Parent Educator and eventually became the Executive Director of a non-profit organization helping parents who have children with disabilities. Later she took on the role of National Education Director of the Family Federation for World Peace, as well as being a local NH pastor.  Currently she works as a grant writer for non-profit organizations.

Heather is well know for her comfortable and warm demeanor when speaking publicly and helping others personally.  She is a frequent public speaker and workshop presenter. Always interested in learning and sharing the path of spiritual growth with others, she can be found on Wholehearted’ s podcast page sharing motivational messages on Four Minute Fridays

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Companion Presentation

The More Than Marriage workshop presentation goes into more detail on the subjects introduced in the book. An educational must for your church group or community, complete with slides and narrative.

Slide # 2 – Defining Love

An introduction to the premise of More Than Marriage - that true love can be defined as unchanging, absolute, eternal and unique.

Slide # 2 - Defining Love
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Slide #4 – Love, Life, Lineage

A quote considering the relationship between love, life and lineage and why it's human nature to long to create a family.

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Slide #6 – Richard Heinberg

Anthropologist Richard Heinberg speaks about the generational and cultural persistence of the origin of separation theory.

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